Friday, June 22, 2007

All you could be to me today!

That day you opened your heart to me
I thought after all why..had it only to be me?
I never truly realised
the depth of your emotions
well, that was then...all those years back!

You made me laugh..You made me happy...
I accepted you as my best friend
yes, You made the me I am today..
Even then I never for once felt
What you were feeling for me at heart.

I talked about him to you, You never spoke a word
Every word I said to you was true
All you did was to give me that supporting nod.
He came into my life all of a sudden
But left me with a heart, full of burden

With you around,
why did I for him, search
who did nothing more than leaving me in this lurch.
I knew, seeing me cry, was too much for you to bear
but all you said was , with you , I am there.

That day,
that was day I realised my friend...
what you wanted to be to me
One so close to my heart..
To catch its pieces when they fell apart

But then, as with him I was playing my innings
Fate had played its game too
and there you were long gone with someone
who realised your true worth
more than this innocent girl who overlooked you

All you could be to me today is all what a true friend can be-
nothing less
your heart would never forgive...
nothing more
your wife would never forgive....

© Jaysvimal

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