Monday, January 17, 2011

Ehsaan Tera Hoga Mujh Par...... One of my alltime favorites....

English Translation of 'Ehsaan Tera Hoga Mujh Par' ~ A beautiful love
Song: Ehsaan Tera Hoga Mujh Par from
Movie: Junglee
Singers: Mohd. Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar
Actors: Shammi Kapoor, Saira Banu

Ehsaan tera hoga mujh par
Dil chahta hai woh kehne do
Mujhe tumse mohabbat ho gayi hai
Mujhe palkon ki chaaon mein rehne do
Ehsaan tera hoga mujh par...

You would be doing me a great favor..
If you let me tell you what my heart desires
I have fallen in love with you
Please let me dwell in the shadow of your eyelashes
You would be doing me a great favor...

Tumne mujhko hansna sikhaaya
Rone kahoge ro lenge ab
Aansoo ka hamaare gham na karo
Woh behte hai to behne do
Mujhe tumse mohabbat ho gayii hai
Mujhe palkon ki chaaon mein rehne do
Ehsaan tera hoga mujh par...

You were the one who taught me how to laugh
Now, if you ask me to cry, I will
Don't be hurt by my tears
They've already started to flow, so let them fall.
Because I've fallen in love with you
Let me dwell in the shadow of your eyelashes
You would be doing me a great favor...

Chaahe bana do chaahe mitaa do
Mar bhi gaye to denge duwaayen
Udd udd ke kahegi khaak sanam
Yeh dard-e-mohabbat sehne do
Mujhe tumse mohabbat ho gayi hai
Mujhe palkon ki chaaon mein rehne do

Either make it or destroy it
Even if it kills me, I will sing your praises
Flying around, the ashes will say,
"Let me bear the burdens of love."
For I have fallen in love with you
Let me dwell in the shadow of your eyelashes

Ehsaan tera hoga mujh par
Dil chahta hai woh kehne do
Mujhe tumse mohabbat ho gayi hai
Mujhe palkon ki chaaon mein rehne do
Ehsaan tera hoga mujhe par...

You would be doing me a great favor
If you let me tell you what's in my heart
I have fallen in love with you
Please let me dwell in the shadow of your eyelashes
You would be doing me a great favor

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Pangs of Ulster

The king had challenged all to race against his horses and win
How she wished, her husband would have kept silent and refrained!
He had boasted she was quicker on her feat, she had it from within!
And now she had to race, to release him, for he was chained.

Macha pleaded, "leave me now as am about to deliver;
I agree he should have known better not to utter so"
But the king was stern. He threatened she'ld loose him forever;
She cried and urged to the men around, but none listened to her woe.

Due for labour, she was being forced to race with birth-pang throes
She begged him to spare her till she placed the lives within her on this land
But the ego wounded king would care not and ordered her on her toes
She wriggled in pain and feminity hurting as she readied to race on sand

Macha, disgusted and vulnerable, set out to race with horses of the king
She whizzed past them to reach the end of course, and won by clear margin
She collapsed and writhed in pain and her screams on field began to ring
They were born, a girl and boy on the land, gave name to Emhain Macha, those twins

Her howls drained the energy in all men who heard her on field at ulster
She cursed the king and the men, until 'beyond the ninth wave' to come
they would be as weak as a woman in her labour time to muster
no strength to fight when it would be most needed and will succumb

The time a woman would spend in labour, for five days and four nights
You would wail your lack of strength when you would need most to defend
The curse prevailed, that she uttered in agony at violation of her rights
Her feminity ransacked and exposed with no hand of support that was lent

When Medhbh of connacht raided Ulster to capture the bull of Cooley
No man could withstand the rage, sullened by the curse
"Titim gan eiri ort", had Macha cursed truly
Men garnered havoc upon themselves, that liveth with them even in remorse

"beyond the ninth wave" - It is a traditional Irish concept meaning 'beyond the known world' found within ancient mythological texts and stories. MAcha places a curse not only on the men who heard her cry, but their sons for nine generations after. Nine, as well as three, is a commonly seen number in Irish mythology

"Titim gan eiri ort" - May you fall without risinge

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Daddy, do I get my christmas presents as well?

For a non christian living in India like me
Christmas was a revelation since when I was three

Have seen the fir trees decorate the church at school
and the beautiful mistletoes catching youngsters drool

As I grew I learnt a lot more
the base values came to the fore

Today, every mall, park or beach is decorated so well
"Merry Christmas!" you can hear everyone yell

I loved it when my son from school, came running and jumping
He said he got a gift from his teacher, his fists in air pumping

Before the school closed for vacations
They set everyone into these festive sensations

In his fifth year now, he knows lot more than I did when I was so
He loves to meet and greet everyone, so excited in the festive tempo

At the end of one fine day, he came home with a longing tear
and said, "Mom, can we have a christmas tree this year?"

"I want a surprise", he said, "Dad, let us celebrate Christmas too..
We have so many festivals. Like Diwali this is a happy day too!"

Well, that was the truth.. any day to spread love and wishes around
and to say all those unspoken words that could brighten every one they found

When we said, "Yes son.. Lets enjoy every time around and every festival!"
He smiled coyly and said, "Daddy, Do I get my Christmas presents as well?"

© Jay

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

'Twas yesterday when we first kissed, my love"

When dreams revisit innocence and youth
The sweetest distant memory I view
One instant, an awakening in truth
The wonder of the moment I kissed you

All sweetness seemed to live within your eyes
Forever will the memory persist!
Enfolded in the magical surprise
Contained within the moment of our kiss

Astonishing emotions filled the air
The universe quite simply disappeared
Enchanted, mesmerized yet so aware
Discovering what lovers hold so dear

Though days have fled and dimmed as stars above
'Twas yesterday when we first kissed, my love

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

September 12, 2001
His hunt was good, his aim straight, with the kill he was homeward bound
As o’er the treetops the screams he heard, found his home burned to the ground His lovely Neha lay beside the well, baby Jia still in her embrace
Little Neville lying close by, so still; as from one to the other his eyes raced
September 13, 2001
With leaden heart and tear filled eyes, he gently stroked them one by one
Wept softly as he laid them to rest, in their graves by setting sun
“I’ll get you, damned men of the devil”; he would not wait for break of day
His vow to hunt down these killers, on his shoulders this burden lay
September 14, 2001
As he lay upon the forest floor, his life seeping slowly away
He renewed his vow to find them, He would somehow, someday
The cries of his dear children, the screams from his loving wife
Still echo in his heart and mind, throughout his lonesome afterlife

September 16, 2008
As a shadowy figure stalks the night, midst timbers tall against the sky
Stealthily peering into the darkness, in his mind Nial still asks, ‘Why?’
All those many long years ago, his family met the wrath of fire
At the hands of murderous heathens, with hearts of evil desire

September 17, 2009

Now through the days and nights, though many years have passed
There are those, who swear they’ve seen him, eyes piercing the darkness, overcast
Never ceasing his haunting pursuit, he’ll one day find them, vengeance take Turning deaf ears to their mournful pleas, leave them lying dead in his wake

2009 © Jaysvimal

Unspoken Words

Unspoken words left to freeze
Only to leave haunting memories
Perhaps because we do not talk
We're geared to run instead of walk

Tender moments all too few
Unending work we must do
So quickly we grow old
With words of love yet untold

To hide them in your heart
Isn't kind nor very smart
Words can comfort someone sad
Encourage them and make them glad

Of time it only takes minutes few
It's what we surely ought to do
Or we may find, after loved ones go
Unspoken words can haunt our soul

© Jaysvimal

This poem has got published in the book "Immortal Verses" few years ago and also in Ripples!p

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Its a Jungle out there!

Zeroed down, for life, she was lying still
Yelling loud,then she ran, fearing a kill
Xanthippe - they named her, to their heart's fill
Wordbound she fell down, her soul was ill.
Venerous vultures dressed in disguise
Ulterior motives filled in every dime and dice

Tender creatures we, they, crushed us like ice
Sensous beings, fried with violent spice
Religated with ropes of burden hard indeed
Quadrels hurled at us, with inhuman speed
Pounding hearts, trembled, no one to heed
Overset with disgust, submitted to their greed

No wonder this world has become a jungle
Meandering animals, filled every space and symbol
Love turned to vengence, paid a bitter fare
Killers everywhere, raise voice, did no one dare
Jealousy sprang with no one to care,
It's a Jungle, yes, It's a jungle out there!

Howling foxes, incapable, elected to rule
Growing crime, only to make each citizen, a fool
Foolish followers some, in trance did they drool
Economy drained, running behind a mule
Destructive animals, reincarnated as men
Cannibals like they, exploding from their den

Bombing and Firing with no humanity left laden
Arise should the saviour, to hug the sad and gladden

© 2009 (Written for the Poetry Idol National Poetry Month.. in response to the challenge to write a reverse Abecedarius, with the theme - Its a Jungle out there!)

An abecedarius is an acrostic in which the first letter of every word, strophe or verse follows the order of the alphabet.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Been a while since I posted new poems here. Here are the five natural elements compared to the five earthly elements.:)

A Mouthful of Sky

Vast canvases spread around
The beautiful earth as we found
The secrets pleasures all lured in
On the wonder bed we made our Kin

The power of it universally known
The lack of it brought everywhere a frown
The earthly pleasures it got and dealth
Whatever could that be other than wealth

The gentle and the hearty breeze
As it came sway did the trees
Had it not been for the wind so profound
How could ever the fragrance spread around

The nature of it omnipresent
For to rule the world is it meant
Every gap power creeps as wind does
Got to bend before it and not to fuss

Tempting drops from above shall fall
Over the wide earth to wet it all
If it weren't for the rain so plain
Our hopes would all gone in vain

Every moment of the life so fine
As the blood trickles down each vein
If not for this rejuvenator all so vital
How could a man ever live? He a mere mortal!

Burning agog spreading vigor & fright
Lightening the world over all so bright
If not for this Fire ever
Darkness could never be brightened, never

The burning urge to acquire
Spreading around like quick fire
If not for Desire, who would ever lead
The path of growth would never succeed

The bounds of the cover known never
Up above a protection for ever
Soaring again up all so high
If only one could ever touch this Sky

The aims we set all so high
To retell ourselves to do or die
The moment of Glory forever in the dreams
For the pride of victory is the soul that screams


PS: This is an offshoot many years ago to the title song of the English Soap on DDII - A Mouthful Of Sky.

Earth, Wind and Rain and Fire;
Wealth, Power, Blood, Desire;
One goal to live for before we die...
One taste of glory; One Mouthful of Sky