Saturday, January 09, 2010

Daddy, do I get my christmas presents as well?

For a non christian living in India like me
Christmas was a revelation since when I was three

Have seen the fir trees decorate the church at school
and the beautiful mistletoes catching youngsters drool

As I grew I learnt a lot more
the base values came to the fore

Today, every mall, park or beach is decorated so well
"Merry Christmas!" you can hear everyone yell

I loved it when my son from school, came running and jumping
He said he got a gift from his teacher, his fists in air pumping

Before the school closed for vacations
They set everyone into these festive sensations

In his fifth year now, he knows lot more than I did when I was so
He loves to meet and greet everyone, so excited in the festive tempo

At the end of one fine day, he came home with a longing tear
and said, "Mom, can we have a christmas tree this year?"

"I want a surprise", he said, "Dad, let us celebrate Christmas too..
We have so many festivals. Like Diwali this is a happy day too!"

Well, that was the truth.. any day to spread love and wishes around
and to say all those unspoken words that could brighten every one they found

When we said, "Yes son.. Lets enjoy every time around and every festival!"
He smiled coyly and said, "Daddy, Do I get my Christmas presents as well?"

© Jay

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