Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Been a while since I posted new poems here. Here are the five natural elements compared to the five earthly elements.:)

A Mouthful of Sky

Vast canvases spread around
The beautiful earth as we found
The secrets pleasures all lured in
On the wonder bed we made our Kin

The power of it universally known
The lack of it brought everywhere a frown
The earthly pleasures it got and dealth
Whatever could that be other than wealth

The gentle and the hearty breeze
As it came sway did the trees
Had it not been for the wind so profound
How could ever the fragrance spread around

The nature of it omnipresent
For to rule the world is it meant
Every gap power creeps as wind does
Got to bend before it and not to fuss

Tempting drops from above shall fall
Over the wide earth to wet it all
If it weren't for the rain so plain
Our hopes would all gone in vain

Every moment of the life so fine
As the blood trickles down each vein
If not for this rejuvenator all so vital
How could a man ever live? He a mere mortal!

Burning agog spreading vigor & fright
Lightening the world over all so bright
If not for this Fire ever
Darkness could never be brightened, never

The burning urge to acquire
Spreading around like quick fire
If not for Desire, who would ever lead
The path of growth would never succeed

The bounds of the cover known never
Up above a protection for ever
Soaring again up all so high
If only one could ever touch this Sky

The aims we set all so high
To retell ourselves to do or die
The moment of Glory forever in the dreams
For the pride of victory is the soul that screams


PS: This is an offshoot many years ago to the title song of the English Soap on DDII - A Mouthful Of Sky.

Earth, Wind and Rain and Fire;
Wealth, Power, Blood, Desire;
One goal to live for before we die...
One taste of glory; One Mouthful of Sky

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