Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Its a Jungle out there!

Zeroed down, for life, she was lying still
Yelling loud,then she ran, fearing a kill
Xanthippe - they named her, to their heart's fill
Wordbound she fell down, her soul was ill.
Venerous vultures dressed in disguise
Ulterior motives filled in every dime and dice

Tender creatures we, they, crushed us like ice
Sensous beings, fried with violent spice
Religated with ropes of burden hard indeed
Quadrels hurled at us, with inhuman speed
Pounding hearts, trembled, no one to heed
Overset with disgust, submitted to their greed

No wonder this world has become a jungle
Meandering animals, filled every space and symbol
Love turned to vengence, paid a bitter fare
Killers everywhere, raise voice, did no one dare
Jealousy sprang with no one to care,
It's a Jungle, yes, It's a jungle out there!

Howling foxes, incapable, elected to rule
Growing crime, only to make each citizen, a fool
Foolish followers some, in trance did they drool
Economy drained, running behind a mule
Destructive animals, reincarnated as men
Cannibals like they, exploding from their den

Bombing and Firing with no humanity left laden
Arise should the saviour, to hug the sad and gladden

© 2009 (Written for the Poetry Idol National Poetry Month.. in response to the challenge to write a reverse Abecedarius, with the theme - Its a Jungle out there!)

An abecedarius is an acrostic in which the first letter of every word, strophe or verse follows the order of the alphabet.

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