Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Unspoken Words

Unspoken words left to freeze
Only to leave haunting memories
Perhaps because we do not talk
We're geared to run instead of walk

Tender moments all too few
Unending work we must do
So quickly we grow old
With words of love yet untold

To hide them in your heart
Isn't kind nor very smart
Words can comfort someone sad
Encourage them and make them glad

Of time it only takes minutes few
It's what we surely ought to do
Or we may find, after loved ones go
Unspoken words can haunt our soul

© Jaysvimal

This poem has got published in the book "Immortal Verses" few years ago and also in Ripples!p

1 comment:

Gayu (ChennaiMoms) said...

Jay.. This is awesome dear. I know what prompted you to share this again. I am glad you pulled up your old poem.. It still is a gem and worth sharing anytime. Btw.. I completely agree with what you said as a reply in the CM blog on the unexpected end. Powerful reminders all seem to be.. aren't they?

loved it Jay