Wednesday, December 16, 2009

September 12, 2001
His hunt was good, his aim straight, with the kill he was homeward bound
As o’er the treetops the screams he heard, found his home burned to the ground His lovely Neha lay beside the well, baby Jia still in her embrace
Little Neville lying close by, so still; as from one to the other his eyes raced
September 13, 2001
With leaden heart and tear filled eyes, he gently stroked them one by one
Wept softly as he laid them to rest, in their graves by setting sun
“I’ll get you, damned men of the devil”; he would not wait for break of day
His vow to hunt down these killers, on his shoulders this burden lay
September 14, 2001
As he lay upon the forest floor, his life seeping slowly away
He renewed his vow to find them, He would somehow, someday
The cries of his dear children, the screams from his loving wife
Still echo in his heart and mind, throughout his lonesome afterlife

September 16, 2008
As a shadowy figure stalks the night, midst timbers tall against the sky
Stealthily peering into the darkness, in his mind Nial still asks, ‘Why?’
All those many long years ago, his family met the wrath of fire
At the hands of murderous heathens, with hearts of evil desire

September 17, 2009

Now through the days and nights, though many years have passed
There are those, who swear they’ve seen him, eyes piercing the darkness, overcast
Never ceasing his haunting pursuit, he’ll one day find them, vengeance take Turning deaf ears to their mournful pleas, leave them lying dead in his wake

2009 © Jaysvimal


Gayatri said...

- what made you create this girlie?

Jay said...

It was a challenge for a Poetry Idol competition ;) But then.. it was sad thing to imagine..